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A TRADITIONAL life settlement is a cash settlement obtained through the sale of your existing life insurance policy. When life insurance is no longer wanted or needed a life settlement can be a much more valuable financial option than surrendering or lapsing your insurance. The beauty of a life settlement is that you receive a cash settlement that is significantly more than what your insurance company will pay and you will be free from the obligation and financial burden of paying future premium payments.

Two other options available are: RETAINED DEATH BENEFIT where the policy holder is relieved of premium payments, and at the time of the insureds death, receives a portion of the death benefit. If the policy holder and the insured are the same then that portion of the death benefit will go to the beneficiaries stated in the policy. The HYBRID LIFE SETTLEMENT offers a combination of cash now and retained death benefit for the policy holder or beneficiaries upon the insureds death.

In any of these options the money is yours to do what ever you choose. Pay for medical, pay for Long Term Care( tax free), qualify for medicare, take a vacation, buy a new policy with premiums paid up, the options are endless.

We have helped thousands of our clients sell their life policies. We represent YOU and will secure you the highest offer possible. Contact us for a free non-binding appraisal.